These are just some of the over 5000 stories I've told over the last 30 years of making Mechanical Amusements. They are a mixture of images, both old and new, which display the variety of stories which can  be told with the wooden sculptures I make.

I look for the humor in one's story. The sort of thing that brings out the joy in your story. If you have an interesting story I can give your version ( I will tell the story your way, never mind what others say). If you don't have a really good story on hand I'll help you find your story or be happy to make one up for you. "Enhancing" the story is my favorite part.  Let's talk.

museums with mechanical amusements

 This Mechanical Amusement depicts the tour that takes you thru the museum. Shown are the various sections of the museum: Victorian doll houses, miniature shops, toy vehicles (cars, trucks, wagons, bikes, airplanes, dirigibles, etc.).  Model trains, rocking horses, dolls and play sets of Cowboys and Indians get their due also. And the miniature of a miniature circus was quite fun to build.         

The quarter coin in each image gives a comparison for size.

mechanical amusements at the toy and miniature museum of kansas city  kansas city, mo.

Mechanical Amusements depict  early North Carolina settlers and history. they tell the story of transportation from the early canal boats to the  first railroads. Shown are typical early settlers activities such as One room school house, driving pigs to market, cotton farming, saw and flour mills and a barn dance. The North Carolina School for the Deaf and Mute is also shown.

mechanical amusements

 north carolina history museum    raleigh, n. c.

My work is on display in the lobby of the TOM RIDGE ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER  in Erie, Pa.

Seventy five animated mechanical sculptures are presented in three glass light houses. The light houses each  tell a different stories about the land, air and water.  The sculptures are powered by a hand crank on each tower.

mechanical amusements  

    at    presque isle state park

Take a look at some of the over 5000 different stories I've produced 


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    Mechanical Amusements are custom made, one of a kind, animated, miniature "theatrical" dioramas, featuring your story. Your memories and photos help determine the details that will decide the design.

   How much do they cost? You decide how much you want to spend. The complexity and number of details determine the cost. Simpler scenes (2 to 5 characters)  start at $400 to $950. More complicated scenes may be $1000 or more. Many customers have found the $600 and $1200 range best tell their stories. Some price examples (approximate) are shown throughout these pages. 

   Larger more complex scenes demand more detail and time to build. The most popular sizes run $3500 to $6000. Satisfaction guaranteed. I've only had one item returned in 30 years. And I solved the problem in 2 days.